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LED window curtain lights are a great home decor and they spice up any occasion. They are cool accent lighting that they create a beautiful ambiance for your home, or for weddings, Christmas, or any other meaningful event. And during such a special occasion, we do need something dazzling to put on our window, our door, and even in our bedroom to bring the delightful moment.

What’s more, if you ever consider dressing up the windows or wall to increase the appeal of your home and make it attractive to people, these window curtain lights are a quick way to add instant color, texture, and pattern to a room, thus change the entire look and feel of it.

They come in different sizes to add warm, incandescent glow and the plug & play type curtain lights makes easy to install without any hassle. To help you make your purchase, we have done tremendous research by reviewing products online, interacting with customers, and brought you 2 best window curtain Lights.

Without further ado, let’s dive into the product description now!

Best Window Curtain Lights Overview

LED Curtain Lights
Rainbow Curtain String Lights with 32 key IR Remote freeshipping
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1. Remote Control Window Curtain Lights Warm White

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This is one of the cozy warm white curtain lights that consists of 300 LED lights. It’s total 9.8ft long and 9.8tft wide, and 4 strings are connectable to cover a larger area. Controlled by a remote, it’s easily turn on or off and you can set 4 brightness levels. What’s more, it also has a timer function.

When it lights up, it has up to 8 display options to shine in different patterns, such as sequential, chasing, twinkle, or in waves, etc, gives off a very beautiful light. And, since the cord is fairly clear plastic, not opaque white or frost, the clear-ish cord saves them from being an eyesore when it’s turn off.

In addition, this curtain light is very easy to put up, just unwarp the main strand first and set it up (hang it to the window or wall), when it’s set up then take off the twist ties from the individual lines of lights. The 12.42 feet long power cord makes it easy to position them where you want and without needing an extension cord.

2. Cool White LED Window Curtain Lights

Rainbow Curtain String Lights with 32 key IR Remote freeshipping
led curtain lights

These are cool white window curtain lights, the light is really cute and bright and looks amazingly stunning. Just put it up, you will see that they are beautiful and add the perfect lighting to brighten and add ambiance to the room.

The cool white light strings contain 304 pieces of mini LED twinkle bulbs, which give off very bright LED lights. You can use these lights for any occasion or decor. Additionally, the different light options are nice and offer a large variety. It provides 8 twinkle modes that you could switch through with the button on the base, so you can switch for different occasions, such as sequential, slogs, chasing, flash, etc.

One thing to be aware that these lights do not come with remote control, however, the speed and settings can be changed manually by pressing a button on the plug.